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Hunting deer. Distraught woodsman. The frozen Maine wilderness. A Guide to hell

A behind-the-scenes scene. Yes, the snow is real
A behind-the-scenes scene. Yes, the snow is real
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We hate hunting. Brings back Bambi.
Still, we sat for The Guide, a dramatic thriller that scared the poop out of us.
Here's the plot: When a distraught woodsman reluctantly agrees to guide two New Yorkers on a deer hunt in the frozen wilderness of northwestern Maine, his sanity begins to slip away as the wreckage that his buck-hunting set in motion a year before catches up with him.
This hunt would have been like so many others for master Joe Dawkins. An inexperienced and unworthy hunter named Greg has traveled hundreds of miles to be led into the wilderness to bag a deer. Except this time, at an abandoned logging camp, the hunter becomes the hunted. Haunted by guilt over his wife's sudden death a year earlier, Joe is on the brink of madness. On his way to rendezvous with Greg, a New York lawyer whose failures at his firm fuel a selfish obsession for advancement, Joe unexpectedly discovers in a poverty stricken distant mill town that his only child Jenna has fallen into an abyss of meth addiction in a down country mill town under the thumb of a violent dealer. Saving her becomes the only purpose remaining for Joe’s life. Yet when he gets on the track of the very same buck that eluded him a year before, it leads him to a place where his darkness of mind puts Greg’s inexperience in the wilderness to the ultimate test of survival as Joe’s tortured soul seeks a vicious end ---or redemption.
Written and directed by John Meyers, The Guide stars Don Scribner, Stephanie Leone, Jan-David Soutar and Nicholas Russell.
A deer dig into terror.

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