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Hunters claim to have footage of the Australian Bigfoot

Wooden Yowie statue in Kilcoy, Queensland, Australia.
Wikimedia Commons/Seo75

According to the "Daily Mail," two hunters have claimed that they have captured a video of the Australian Bigfoot, the Yowie. The two men, Jason Heal and Jason Dunn said that they enticed the Yowie with apples and then proceeded to take footage of the creature. They posted the footage on Youtube on April 3.

Heal and Dunn called themselves self-described Yowie hunters, and so far have spent thousands of dollars trying to hunt these creatures. Watch the video to see for yourself, the video is dubbed "The Morning Visitor."So far the video has garnered over 12,600 views.

Some say that the first known sightings of Yowies have been early has the 1790s. The creatures are part of Aboriginal folklore, though many report seeing it then and now.

The editor of "Cryptozoology News" told Daily Mail that they at this point don't know if the video is a hoax or not.

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