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Hunter holds up defense with spending cuts coming

Rep. Duncan Hunter's (R-San DIego) national defense goals did not get put on hold while COngress decides on the billions in defense cuts the military will have to take during the fiscal year. The legislator's agreement on the net reduction in military spending in the National Defense Authorization Act the House passed this week reductions that bring spending well below last year's spending and below the President's proposed spending, was an act done to support the work on carrying through military reforms that make the U.S. military more efficient.

The Littoral Combat Ship will join U.S. Navy fleets while funding is delayed for another year if the Senate, that works on its own version of the NDAA, agrees to an act that keeps the ship's funding limited like the House passed bill does. But, the Navy Secretary will be able to move ahead on making contracts, up to five years long, to stock up the Tomahawk IV missile.

Hunter took stands for strong defense twice during May. Proposing two bills. One to authorize the President to use force against the terrorists and organizations that attacked Benghazi, Libya on September 11th, 2012, and killed four Americans. A move to ensure the U.S. does not remain unmanned against foreign attack.

His second bill would prevent the toll exacted on the Coast Guard's strength in defending the U.S.'s shores. Removal of inefficiencies in the shore force would help balance the defense spending plan. The bill has a second goal. Step up the maritime industry, and create jobs, by relieving the industry of regulatory burdens.

Military jobs still will thin out. The NDAA currently invests a lowered amount of money in military construction, including Navy construciton.

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