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Hunter Hayes writes his own exciting ‘storyline’ with #1 album

Hunter Hayes’ latest album “Storyline” has debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, according to a Billboard report on Thursday. This “Storyline” didn’t even have to build up to a climactic ending. Hunter Hayes fans saw to it that the album would be an instant hit, snatching up 69,000 copies and forever sealing its place in history.

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Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images
Hunter Hayes takes sophomore album to #1 at release
Photo by Kevin Winter

It’s no surprise that the album is off to a blazing start. The first single from the album, “Invisible,” got thousands talking after Hunter Hayes debuted the song in a highly emotional display at the GRAMMYS. Hunter Hayes performed the song, which addresses anti-bullying, against a slideshow backdrop of quotes from famous people who had once felt bullied, belittled or outcast in some way. John Lennon, Steve Jobs and Johnny Depp were among the celebrities quoted.

After the GRAMMYS “Invisible” shot to #23 on the Billboard Hot Country Chart. The song was labeled a “hot shot debut” and eventually found its way to the #4 spot. “Invisible” has already sold nearly 400,000 copies since its January 26 release.

It appears that Hunter Hayes’ “Storyline” album will do equally well. It’s an album that will appeal to people’s emotions, which is exactly what Hunter Hayes wanted. In an interview with on the album’s release date, Hunter Hayes explained that though this album is a continuation of his last one, for “Storyline” he wanted a “deeper conversation” with “higher highs and lower lows.”

The name “Storyline” seems to have come from Hunter Hayes’ own ponderings about life.

“You just go through life writing your story as you go. There are wrong ways to write it, there are right ways to write it, but there is also all kinds of stuff in-between. The path you choose leads you to different adventures, and that aspect of figuring it all out really fascinates me.”

Fans seem to be enjoying figuring it all out right along with him. At only 22 years old, Hunter Hayes already has a Platinum selling album to his credit and of his six released singles, he’s achieved a number one hit, three top tens, and saw the remaining two settle in to the top twenty of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart as well.

In addition to chart performance, Hunter Hayes has had a steady stream of award nominations and recently broke The Flaming Lips Guinness World Record for the most concerts played in 24 hours across multiple cities. The non-stop concert schedule was part of Hunter Hayes’ desire to raise awareness for putting an end to child hunger.

Hunter Hayes’ sophomore album “Storyline” is available in stores now. Wherever this story leads, if his #1 debut is any indication, fans are dedicated to seeing it through to the end.

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