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Hunter Hayes ‘Tattoo’ video full of flirt and artistic flair

Hunter Hayes jams in front of graffiti painted boom box in video for "Tattoo"
Hunter Hayes jams in front of graffiti painted boom box in video for "Tattoo"
Hunter Hayes, Facebook

Hunter Hayes has released the official video for his latest song “Tattoo.” The video features graffiti and special effects that fit well with the creativity involved in tattoo art while also conveying the fun, flirtiness and fervor of falling in love.

“Tattoo” is the second single from Hunter Hayes’ sophomore studio album “Storyline.” The lyrics talk of all the ways his new love has an effect on him. It’s in the way she talks, she touches, she kisses, she breathes. He’s falling head over heels and wants her to know that she’s worthy of permanent ink on his skin because she’s “more than a picture that fades of a first date Friday night.”

The video, released today by Hunter Hayes via CMT, was shot in an old warehouse with brick half-walls under huge windows divided into multiple panes. One section of the wall and windows above has been painted by a graffiti artist to look like a giant boom box. As Hunter Hayes rocks out to “Tattoo” in front of the boom box, special effects let the viewer see the speakers pulsing and lights flashing in time with the music.

In addition, there are many other special effects and editing used to create the final story, including Hunter Hayes and his female co-star being pixelated as though they were drops of paint from a graffiti artist’s spray paint can, Hunter Hayes being superimposed within a shadowed image of his on-screen girlfriend, paintbrush strokes in the air around them, changes in Hunter Hayes’ guitar, and more. Of course, female viewers will be struck by Hunter’s flirtiness and adoring looks as the camera zooms in for some great close-ups and endeared to him even more by this recent admission to Rolling Stone that “flirting on cue [was]..not awkward at all.”

The video for “Tattoo” is another admirable effort by Hunter Hayes, who kicked off his album “Storyline” with the song “Invisible” and a poignant visual of people fading away amidst scenes of sad circumstances. It seems that the visual aspect of telling stories may be a continuing theme for this album, a perfect companion to the already touching lyrics that Hunter Hayes has penned.

Check out the video for “Tattoo” at CMT feel free to leave your impressions on Hunter Hayes’ latest project in the comments section below.

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