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Hunter Hayes launches 'Storyline' with iHeartRadio show (photos)

Hunter Hayes at the iHeartRadio Theatre in New York City-slide0
Douglas Sonders for iHeartRadio

Hunter Hayes started a new musical chapter this week with the release of his highly-anticipated sophomore effort "Storyline," which features his current hit single "Invisible." To celebrate, the singer-songwriter performed for his adoring fans on Tuesday (May 6) at the iHeartRadio Theatre in New York City.

In addition to his stellar performance, Hayes also discussed his new album with radio personality and host Bobby Bones. "It's a funny thing when you are performing in the middle of the song and you realize it's streaming live and all this good stuff," Hayes said, in an in-studio interview the next morning. "It's kind of freaky."

"I've only done it a few times, but I don't know if I'll ever get used to it," he added about the experience of performing all-new material in the theatre for the first time.

On the album's title track, Hayes talks about his co-writer Eric Paslay, "He and I had been running into each other for years, saying, 'hey, we gotta writer, we gotta write.' When you are on the road, you say it and mean it, but you both halfway know it's probably not gonna happen for at least three years," he laughs.

"We talked about it, but we both knew we were on the road pretty steady. We finally got a day locked. I actually texted him randomly. He was all about it," he said.

Hayes continues his We Are Not Invisible trek through the summer, with dates all across the country. Find our more info and to purchase tickets here.

Check out all the exclusive photos above.

Don't forget to grab a copy of "Storyline" on iTunes now!

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