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Hunter Hayes inspires youth with debut at the Grammys.

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The latest round of the Grammys came and went Sunday night, and while I stopped listening to ‘current’ music in the late 1980s, I have not had much interest in the Grammy’s over the last 20 years; however, when I found out that my favorite band of all time, Chicago, was collaborating for a performance with Robin Thicke, I was ready and waiting for the show to begin.

My initial intent was to keep the TV sound on half-mute until Chicago was ready to perform, but an amazing performance happened—one that Grammy Host, L.L. Cool J., told especially the young people to watch and listen. I had never heard of Hunter Hayes. Didn’t have a clue as to who he was… Until… He debuted his new single, “Invisible”, for the world to hear, and it was amazing! It was intuitive; it was poignant; it was moving… It sent all of the ‘right’ messages that our young people need to hear. It was MAGIC!

The song sends a message to teens that even if you do not ‘fit into the crowd’, you are still valid and important. It says that you need to be yourself for who you are, regardless of the peer pressure you might feel. Even if you feel ‘invisible’ now, that feeling will not last. Here are the lyrics:


Hunter Hayes

Crowded hallways are the loneliest places

For outcasts and rebels and anyone who just dares to be different.

And you’ve been tryin’ for so long

To find out where your place is,

But in their narrow minds,

There’s no room for anyone who dares to do something different.

Ohhh, but listen for a minute,

Trust the one who’s been where you are

Wishing it all it was were sticks and stones

Those words cut deep

But they don’t mean you’re all alone.

And you’re not invisible.

Hear me out: There’s so much more to life

Than what you’re feeling now.

Someday you’ll look back on all these days,

And all this pain is gonna be invisible.

All invisible.

So your confidence is quiet;

To them quiet looks like weakness,

But you don’t have to fight it,

‘Cause you’re strong enough to win without the war.

Every heart has a rhythm.

Let yours beat out so loudly

That everyone can hear it.

Yeah, promise you don’t need to hide it anymore.

Oh, and never be afraid of doing something different,

And dare to be something more.

Trust the one who’s been where you are

Wishing it were all sticks and stones.

Yes, those words cut deep,

But they don’t mean that you’re all alone,

And you’re not invisible.

Hear me out

There’s so much more to this life than what you’re feeling now,

And someday you’ll look back on all these days

And all this pain is gonna be invisible.

These labels that they give you

Just ‘cause they don’t understand

If you look past this moment,

You’ll see you’ve got a friend.

Wavin’ a flag for who you are

And all you’re gonna do

Yes, so here’s to you,

And here’s to anyone who’s ever felt invisible.

Yeah, And you’re not invisible.

Hear me out,

There’s so much more to life than what you’re feeling now,

And someday you’ll look back on all these days

And all this pain is gonna be Invisible.

It’ll be Invisible.

Every teen has the ability to endure the pains of being a teenager, but it is much easier for them if they have a mentor to whom they can count on, talk to, share with and depend upon, regardless of whatever situation. Teens NEED Unconditional Support—Loving them no matter what they do, regardless of whether or not you agree with what they do. UNCONDITIONAL support! Teens need someone who will NOT allow them to feel, “Invisible”.



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