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Hunter asks DHS stop immigrant transfers

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Federal work unloading undocumented migrant transfers controlled by Homeland Security officers at a Murrieta customs and border patrol facility came just after Representative DUncan HUnter (R-San Diego) attempted to fend off immigrant transfers to San Diego and Riverside counties. Hunter, this week, bleakly rejected the Obama administration's plan to transfer immigrants on an as needed basis.

Readiness to handle the immigrants coming in along the southern border does not adjust to border officials plans to let in more immigrants than federal officials and officers can ordinarily send through the immigration process. Large numbers of immigrants in the San Diego southern California region threaten to "overwhelm" security work, he said, only after the same administration mounted up immigrants' claims to entitlement to use America's open door, made to fail by one of its faults. A lack of commitment to securing the southern international border.

Two planes landing in Murrieta, this week, released over a hundred Latin American immigrants onto buses that took the immigrants to the Murrieta facility. The second plane on Friday, the 4th of July. Crowds of supporters welcomed the foreign nationals. Nearby dozens of protesters.

Friday, Homeland Security officers arrested protesters.

Not having heard official word on the planned Homeland Security transfers, Hunter called the migrant transfers an unnecessary burden. And, blamed the Obama administration for "not fully" enforcing the immigration law, and, taking a strong prosecutorial stand against only criminal aliens.

Federal officials stand in the way of local decisions to deort the immigrants in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The law the Homeland Security Department enforces.

The San DIego Represenative stays concerned immigrant bus loads may burden local communities, and the local officers who handle the immigrants. Detainees in Murrieta continue to look for a way in in his home state of California.

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