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Hunt for Happiness Week; 8 secrets that happy people already know

Today, January 19, begins the third full week in January, and also the beginning of “Hunt for Happiness Week.” Now you may find yourself thinking, “This is just another one of those silly, quirky made up holidays or celebrations,” (and you would be right), but this one may just be on to something.

Hunting for happiness

How many people really do “hunt” for happiness? How many times have you heard someone say: “I’ll be happy when… I win the lottery, I get that raise or promotion, or when I find the “perfect” man, woman, car, or house, etc.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find that you may have entertained any of the above thoughts, after all, society today does make it tempting by pointing out all the things you may not yet have.

Most people have heard the saying that “money can’t buy you happiness,” but it does buy you happy moments, and maybe even a few temporary friends, all of which are fleeting.

If real happiness is what you want in your life, then you have to make happiness “hunt” for you; you need to become a target that happiness is drawn too. Below are eight habits that can help you develop the skills to draw happiness into your life. The great thing about this list is that you make the choices in each category that appeal to you, and what would make you happy while accomplishing them.

Don’t overwhelm yourself, pick out one or two that you think you can stick with, and add them to your daily or weekly routine. When you feel comfortable, add another, and keep going until you have incorporated all eight habits into your daily, weekly or monthly lifestyle.

8 Habits of Happiness
(adapted from Lifestyle and Mental Health, R.Walsh)

1. Exercise daily
2. Balanced nutrition and diet
3. Being in nature (unplugging from technology routinely)
4. Valuing relationships and gratitude
5. Recreation
6. Relaxation and stress management
7. Religious and spiritual involvement
8. Contribution and service

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