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Hunt County dogs and cats seized



This dog is one of ten the SPCA of Texas seized from a Campbell property yesterday.  Two cats were also seized.  The SPCA of Texas had worked hard with the owner to try and get her to care for her animals properly.  She did not, and the animals were getting sicker, so the Hunt County Sheriff's Department asked the SPCA of Texas to assist in confiscating the animals and caring for them until the custody hearing.  That will be Wednesday, June 23rd.  

The amimals were in horrific conditions, but not unusual ones, unfortunately.  It looks like this woman is mentally ill and was hoarding animals.  Tufts has a really good website on animal hoarders, but you have to have a strong stomach to read through it.

Camper where a dog lived

Several of the dogs were kept in three camper trailers.  They were not, appearently, let out and the campers were in horrible shape.  The conditions were totally unlivable, and the dogs would have died from the heat soon.  Two cats were in one of the trailers and in crates, and they, too would soon have died from the heat.  They had no water, either.  A couple of the dogs were in crates and one was in a crate so small he could only lie curled up, not stretched out at all.

The dogs and cats are ill, as can be expected.  The tethered dogs have sores around their necks from the tethers.  The confined dogs have fecal matter on their fur and all of the animals were filthy and dehydrated.

The animals were taken to the Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney.  There they will be bathed and given the necessary medical care to help them recover.  Their condition on arrival will be documented and that documentation will no doubt be submitted during the custody hearing.

If you know of a case of cruelty to animals or of neglect, you can contact the SPCA of Texas at (214) 742-SPCA and talk to them.  They cover most of North East Texas.  While they try hard to educate owners as to the proper care of their animals, the SPCA will work with local law enforcement to remove animals when necessary.



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