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Hungry for early morning fun in Liège, Belgium? La Batte Market

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La Batte Market in Liège, Belgium is the country's oldest and largest outdoor market. Running on Sunday mornings, it's something to do when you may be in town, jet-lagged and looking for some fresh air. I was recently there under just those circumstances! It's also extremely popular with locals of all ages.

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It was interesting to see the Belgian and French offerings -- we were in the Wallonia section of the country, after all -- but I wish there had been more fresh produce. I wanted to see specialized local crops, heirloom fruits and veggies in a foreign land.

Being always hungry when I'm jet-lagged, I bought a French apple-cherry yogurt at a cheese stand. I was surprised to read that it was pasteurized, but it was naturally textured (no gums), with a cream top and lightly sweet.

I was surprised to see baby chicks, ducklings and rabbits for sale! They have the famous Bresse chickens originally from France that that world's finest chefs are always extolling. I don't think I've ever had Bresse chicken; they're supposed to be extra flavorful, like all chickens used to be before mass commercialized factory farming. The market is definitely a good place to stock up on farm fresh eggs. None of these things, of course, would make legal souvenirs to take back to the United States.

The market is probably almost a mile long! It's a good walk, at any rate. Much of the booths are flea-market in nature, selling packs of cheap underwear.

For more information on the Wallonia part of Belgium, click HERE. Also, check out @WhyBelgium on Twitter.