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Hungry Fish equipment goes to community center kitchen

Oakwood guests enjoy a communal meal.
Oakwood guests enjoy a communal meal.

The folks at the Oakwood Community Center in Troy have some better equipment in their communal kitchen these days.

Sara Fish, the Troy chef who with partner Josh Sheehan is in the process of developing Cafe Congress, on Friday donated her extra kitchen equipment from her former Hungry Fish Cafe & Country Store operation to the center. She closed the Hungry Fish last month to be able to devote full time to the renovation project that will result in her new restaurant at 336 Congress Street in downtown Troy.

Says Sarah, "I happily donated my ... equipment to Linda O'Malley and the gang they can create their communal kitchen and make the world a better place. Thanks for letting me help!" O'Malley, director of the center, said "That's what community-building does."

The Oakwood Community Center is located at Hoosick Street and Tenth Avenue, just north of the Collar City Bridge. It offers various themed food events throughout the year and its Soul Food Cafe serves food the second Monday of each month, offering a varied meal on a pay-what-you-can basis. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer cook for the program can get details by calling (518) 273-5199.