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Hunger strike to stop marriage equality in Utah?

When you think of courageous hunger strikes in world history, you might think of someone like Gandhi protesting against British rule in post WWII India.

Or maybe even Irish Republican Army prisoners protesting against, uh, British rule once again. What's with you Brits anyway?

Would you though think of a devout Mormon undergoing a hunger strike in protest of same sex marriages being legal in the state of Utah? Well, no, nobody would of course. Trestin Meacham is that said hunger striker.

Usually, hunger strikes are taken because someone's rights and liberties are being (or perceived to being) infringed. Not because other people can now do what you could do previously.

I read an article on a satirical website called Cracked, and the writer of this fine piece answered how does same sex marriage affect heterosexuals. He wrote that, "it does not affect you in anyway."

As an aside to Mr. Meachem, with all due respect, two men or two women (we all know you are much more obsessed with the two men part) do not affect you in anyway.

Nobody is going to force you to attend a same sex marriage or buy them wedding gifts. Your hunger strike is meaningless, you will not be harmed, bothered or interfered with in anyway. What is most amazing in the very irony that you are engaged with a woman of a different race. Good! But she is of East Asian descent while you are of European descent, so in many states 50 years ago you couldn't have been married.

If a church does not want to marry same sex couples, fine, but please remember that the U.S. isn't a theocracy. Theocracies are as a rule bad things and if you aren't sure, then please look up Saudi Arabia or Iran on an atlas. Or Wikipedia, whatever.

Finally, if you so desire, please support the right of gays and lesbians to marry through the Human Rights Campaign or Freedom to Marry. Thanks.