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Hunger in our schools

It is not a new phenomenon in the nation's capital that many children arrive at school without a healthy meal in their bellies. Sadly, between scare employment opportunities and increasing social and other disparity, many of DC's children are inadequately provided nutritional foundation at home. Yet, this doesn't simply underscore performance at school - its effects are far more reaching.

Our formative years are the most telling developmentally and indeed impact long-term health and future success. Proper fuel is necessary for effective cognitive function, physical mobility and overall health and wellness. DC Hunger Solutions works in conjunction with DC Public Schools are working actively to serve nourishing meals to our children daily prior to undertaking a rigorous day of lesson plans. Simultaneously, they seek to instill maximum use of public resources for residents most in need while enhancing community awareness for broader collective participation towards minimizing this growing epidemic. Established in 2002 by the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), this effort also seeks to strengthen funding in the District of Columbia.

Documented studies unsurprisingly support the absolute necessity of solid nutrition as a vehicle facilitating essential health and quite simply, the ability to evolve and grow. Mother Nature illustrates clearly the need for energy that each living species requires daily. Our own plant kingdom is sustained through ongoing revitalization as our seasons provide generously. When our children are lacking such nutritional abundance, this impacts their thought process, mood and sense of balance, thereby impacting well-being. Yet it also seems that integrating these needs with science lesson plans would prove far more reaching.

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