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'Hunger Games' second unit director's son, Elliot Rodger, kills 6

"The Hunger Games' second unit director's son was involved in a drive-by shooting in California that left six people dead. According to The Telegraph UK, Elliot Rodger is suspected of killing six people and injuring several others in what is being called a "planned mass murder." It is believed that Rodger was acting out due to his lack of relationships with women.

On Saturday, May 24, Rodger posted a strange video on YouTube before he took to the streets of Isla Vista -- a neighborhood in Santa Barbara next to the University of California campus. The YouTube video was a sort of forewarning for what Rodger, 22, was planning on doing. In it, he said that he was going to kill blondes -- and he complained about still being a virgin.

"The Hunger Games" second unit director's son made other videos before today's drive-by shooting. In fact, some of his videos were so concerning, his parents actually notified the police about them. According to People Magazine, police spoke with Rodger and determined that he wasn't a threat to society. Officers said that Rodger was "polite and kind" and nothing else came of their initial investigation. A social worker also reached out to Rodger but it's unknown what became of their connection.

Rodger was found by police, slumped over the steering wheel of the BMW he had been driving with a gunshot wound to his head and a semi-automatic weapon at his side. At this point, however, it's unclear if the gunshot was self-inflicted. He got into two separate shoot-outs with police and it's possible that he was shot by an officer.

"The Hunger Games" second unit director's son conducted the drive-by shooting in a creepy, methodical manner. Reports say that he spoke with people while driving around the town. Rodger hand-picked his targets, choosing who to shoot and who to let live. It is unknown if every victim was female, though it is presumed so based on Rodger's YouTube videos.

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