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Hunger creates symptoms of stress

Whenever a human being goes for a long period of time without eating or spends a long time on an activity requiring constant exertion such as stair climbing, energy and insulin levels drop. However, researchers have found that the FOXO transcription factor becomes active when insulin levels drop. This means that FOXO, proteins that regulate the cells, genes, and stress factors, step in and take over the process of immune defense and begin destroying pathogens. How well this function works depends on the amounts and types of foods that the body consumes. Hunger creates symptoms of stress, which saps the body of precious energy.

Clinically, researchers have found that overeating is usually the cause of type II diabetes, which puts a huge strain on the immune system. Researchers have found that proper calorie intake improves the immune system function and increases the life span. A basic rule of thumb is to eat less more often. This is accomplished by eating only the required amounts of calories per day, spread throughout the day in two to three hour increments.

One way to regulate calories is by walking. The Saturday, April 3, 2010, the Knoxville Track Club is sponsoring a Greenways 5K & Walk at the 3rd Creek Greenway in Knoxville, Tennessee at 8:00am. For more information, call Kristy altman at 865 805-2008 or visit their website: Knoxville Track Club.

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