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Hundreds turn out to search for Dannie Locklear

Where is Dannie?

A Saturday morning search for 15-year-old Dannie Locklear brought out hundreds of volunteers in Hope Mills, NC, hoping to locate the missing teen. Areas near South View High School were throughly searched, with orange flags being placed near potential clues. It should be noted that there are several wooded areas near the school, as well as nearby Hope Mills Lake.

Dannie's aunt, Chena Papa, is not surprised that so many people showed up to look for her niece, stating their community is very tight knit. She also stated, "We are mad, sad, angry, confused, restless most of all. We can't sleep, but we are still holding on to hope. We know that she's out there somewhere..." No doubt this is an extremely overwhelming time for them.

Missing for nearly two weeks, where is Dannie? With the FBI intervening in the case, there may be signs indicating she was kidnapped. It is also a distinct possibility that she has just run away, though her family believes that to be unlikely, saying she was happy and loved them. Dannie also could have caused harm to herself, though that seems unlikely.

Hopefully the young girl turns up soon, unscathed and no worse for the wear. She appears to be a scrappy girl, so she likely wouldn't go down without a fight. Maybe something useful was found during Saturday's search. However, these cases are not like TV shows, where you always get the answer.

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