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Hundreds of millions of tax dollars wasted on Obamacare website fix

Nancy Pelosi: Don't blame me!
Nancy Pelosi: Don't blame me!
getty photos continues to go through major transitions and tax dollars.

It has been confirmed federal officials will sign a new one-year contract with the consulting firm Accenture for approximately $90 million tax dollars to fix the major problems that continue to plague the government-run site.

The old contract is scheduled to conclude in February.

Many Americans are probably asking, “Who is Accenture?,” and are they responsible for the disastrous roll out of Obamacare last October?

The truth is Accenture is a large consulting firm. They have done work in the past for individual states, but nothing major for the federal government. Their largest project was California's state-run health exchange website,

According to Accenture spokeswoman Jeanne Veto, "We are in discussions with potential clients all the time but it is not appropriate to discuss with the media contracts we may or may not be discussing," according to the Washington Post.

The website’s front-end mistakes were largely cleaned up by November 30, 2013. Yet problems on the back-end which enables to website to talk with insurers is still nowhere near ready for prime time.

The entire operation is in limbo since enrollment is difficult or impossible leaving many Americans without insurance even though they thought they thought they had signed up.

Because of these lingering problems, the decision to end the contract with CGI on the part of the government does not come as a surprise. According to analyst Peter Hosselin of Bloomberg Government, CGI had been paid over $1 billion tax payer dollars for what amounted to a “deeply flawed system.”

The most aggravating aspect for the American taxpayer is the fact that tech experts who had analyzed the website claimed the entire operation should never have cost more than … $10 million to build

Yet another glaring example of how government should be kept out of business situations.

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