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Hundreds adopted during Michigan Adoption Day

245 children were adopted Tuesday in Michigan on Adoption Day.
245 children were adopted Tuesday in Michigan on Adoption Day.
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Court houses all across the state of Michigan were celebrating Tuesday as hundreds of children were adopted by families looking to grow their families.

The 7th Annual Adoption Day in Michigan is designed to celebrate the joining of all families through adoption, but has a main goal of finding homes for the 5,000 adoptable children out of 16,000 that are currently in the foster care system in Michigan.

About 30 counties across the state joined in the event, that is a smaller part of the observation of National Adoption Month. Despite the grim looking adoption numbers in Michigan over the past five years, 245 adoptions were finalized during Tuesdays court hearings.

To date in 2009, over 2,500 children have been adopted through the Michigan Department of Human Services and private adoption agencies.

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