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Humidity Starts To Creep Up A Bit On Monday

Highs and lows for Sunday
Highs and lows for Sunday
Scott Derek

The average high at Philly International Airport is 85 while the average low in 66; on Sunday we were pretty much on par with that with a high of 83 shortly before 2pm after a low of 65 at 5am. Once we reached the convective temperature(the estimated temperature that the surface must warm to in order for clouds to develop) we had cumulus clouds billow up with isolated showers pushing to the southeast. This means that during the 2am climate report there should be some light rain recorded at the airport.

High pressure is still in control of the region, but we get more into a more humid southerly flow on Monday

Overnight we'll have clouds dissipate with lows around 60; Monday will be continued sunny, but we will have more moisture as dew points will rise a bit thanks to a southerly wind(that's a warmer and juicer wind). Highs will be in the lower 80s and there will be some clouds popping up in the afternoon just like Sunday, but I feel that the mid-levels will be a little drier(hence no rain falls).

On Tuesday highs will be in the middle to upper 80s with a warm front trying to push northward; we'll have a mostly cloudy sky and even some light rain and mist possible as well. The dewpoints rise even more into the middle and upper 60s. Now the warm front shall push northward overnight into Wednesday and this means we'll be back 90 or higher on the day Wednesday; it will be hazy, hot, and humid with showers and thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening as a cold front will push through overnight into Thursday morning.

Overnight Wednesday there will be continued showers and thunderstorms with lows in the upper 70s; Thursday morning will start off wet, but eventually come to an end by sunrise with clearing by the afternoon with highs in the lower 90s. We cool back down into the middle 80s on Friday with high pressure sitting on top of the region, but there will also be a short wave to the south that may spawn off a shower or two in the afternoon.

If you want to look ahead toward next weekend high pressure seems to be nestled on top of the region so highs will be into the middle 80s with sunshine mixed with fair weather cumulus in the afternoon on both days. That's it for now, but remember that you can check out the rest of the 7-day forecast(any time) at

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