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Humidifier Could Cause Disease

If you do not properly clean your humidifier, you could greatly increase your family’s risk of respiratory illness, as well as increase the risk of asthmatic events.

I recall a friend of mine who was worried about her daughter, she was constantly coughing and taking prescribed antibiotics, over and over again, for respiratory infection.  Her daughter seemed to get better, but as soon as the antibiotic schedule was complete, it was only a few days before she would become sick again.

I found that my friend was unaware that she should clean her humidifier, which was placed on the main floor in her living room. I showed her how to clean it and disinfect it. I also recommended that she follow this procedure, at a minimum, every 2 – 3 days. It was thereafter that her daughter regained her health and no longer suffered from illness.

If one does not properly clean their humidifier, eventually the unit will emit a mist packed full of fungus and bacteria, which grow quickly in most humidifier units. This is why a manufacturer will recommend cleaning humidifiers frequently, then rinse well. However before cleaning your humidifier, refer to the cleaning instructions that are provided by the manufacturer and always unplug it before cleaning.


  • Maddy M 4 years ago

    OMG I had no idea but this makes sense, great info, thanks!