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Humans as a resource for working with and learning about ADHD

looking for help is easier than you might think.
looking for help is easier than you might think.

This is the first of a series of articles dedicated to finding resources for working with your ADHD. The people, sites, etc which are presented are neither recommendations nor advertisements; the information presented is done so simply as a reference.

So, you think you have ADHD but don't know what to do about it; perhaps you've just been diagnosed with ADHD and are just as confused now as you were before. Fortunately, you live in a technological age with all sorts of fantastic (and not so fantastic) information at our fingertips - such as the amazing articles available here at

Though all of this information is readily available, it can be a very daunting task indeed to attempt to sift through it all and find the information you're looking for. Just because you're either looking for someone to diagnose or to help coach you, it doesn't mean that you've been able to take a break from your life - which can make everything that much more frustrating.

The first step along the road to learning to work with your ADHD is to talk to a real, live, in-the-flesh person, such as a doctor, ADHD coach, or therapist. The following is a listing of just a few people or groups of people right here in the Kansas City area who are available to help you.

These resources were all found via, but all hits were filtered in order to weed out the extraneous and irrelevant. The medical professionals at the top of the list were all found in a listing posted on the Psychology Today website.