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Humanity First's women's only fundraiser comes to Atlanta metro area

Humanity First logo
Humanity First logo
Photo courtesy of Humanity First, used with permission

After having great success in Dallas for the last two years, Humanity First Meena Bazar fundraiser event is coming to the Atlanta Metro area. Humanity First is a non-profit organization registered in about 41 countries across 6 continents with a focus on disaster relief and human development projects.

The term “Meena Bazar” has its roots in South East Asia where in the era of Mughal emperors, Meena Bazaars, also known as Khush Ruz ("Day of Joy") were exclusively held for women, while the emperor and a few princes were the only males present. On similar lines, this upcoming event is women’s only, meaning all the vendors and attendees will be women but children are welcome to accompany their mothers.

Since 1994, Humanity First U.S.A has set itself apart from other similar non-profits by spending more than 90 percent of the money raised on programs to relieve suffering caused by natural disaster and human conflict and also, those related to education and health.

To date, Humanity First volunteers have served people from across the globe including those affected by earthquakes in Turkey, Japan, Pakistan, and Iran, and by floods in Africa and Latin America. Locally, they helped fellow Americans who were hit hard by hurricanes (Katrina, Rita and Sandy), tornadoes (Kansas) and wild fires in California.

Additionally, as a response to the recent Ebola virus outbreak, Humanity First is working closely through its local presence in Ebola affected countries including Liberia. It is sending medical supplies like personal protective equipment (PPE), disposable goggles and disposable masks to affected areas through active working local clinics and humanitarian organizations which are receiving patients.

When it comes to programs specific to the U.S, Humanity First it is currently focusing on two strategic initiatives- “Our Kids, Our Future” (OKOF) and “Feed the Hungry”. Funds raised through Humanity First U.S.A’s first Meena Bazar in Georgia on September 6 will go to these two programs.

OKOF program recognizes that our nation’s public school systems have been historically underfunded and understaffed and this is especially true of the schools belonging to the low-income communities.
Hence, this program aims to empower the community, school staff and students from those underprivileged school districts of the country by offering services including tutoring and mentoring programs for students, providing computers for class rooms, donating school supply kits, and much more. So far this initiative has served schools in Chicago, Baltimore, Portland and San Jose.

Now let’s look at the other initiative.

While the statistics indicate that 48.8 million Americans including 16.2 million children and 6 million seniors struggle with hunger, what people might not recognize is that about 220 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year, an astounding number by any standard. Therefore, the mission of “Feed the Hungry” program is to reduce hunger in America by creating awareness about food and water wastage in the country.

Humanity First Meena Bazar hopes to highlight both of these important issues affecting our society so it is important to show support. Ladies and children (ten or younger) are encouraged to drop by day of event for a great experience and everybody is welcome to donate online at this link.

The booths will have Indian clothing, jewelry, makeovers, henna tattoos, food and much more.

So, come out to show support for this wonderful non-profit organization at the Atlanta Events Hall, 3750 Venture Dr. in Duluth from noon to 6 p.m. on September 6, 2014. There is no entry fee and parking is complimentary.

“We are motivated by love and compassion of mankind”, stated Mahmooda Rehman who serves as the local Humanity First Ambassador. “I am excited about Humanity First Atlanta and …would like to encourage ladies to participate in this women’s only humanitarian fundraising event”, she added.

For further information please email at or call (404) 395-3213.

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