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Humanitarian crisis? Not exactly. Political games? Si!

President Obama is running about the country calling the unnecessary disaster he permitted in the southern part of the United States a humanitarian crisis.

As CNN reported on July 9, “Obama heads to Texas amid 'urgent humanitarian situation.”’

The real crisis may be that our public schools have rendered the country so dim that people can watch this circus and think: gee, maybe the president has a point.

The Tyrannosaurus rex of sophistries is this phrase: “children arriving unattended.” What, they dropped out of the sky? They arrived by teleportation? They snuck through the darkness of night and just showed up at the entry point?

It’s not possible for children, some of them babies, to arrive unattended after a 1000-mile journey that can take many weeks. Somebody was with them most of that time or all of that time, up until the very last instant.

Why do we honor the weird legal notion that if a child is unattended for the last 100 yards, they are legally to be classed as “unattended”?

Why do we pretend not to see the people who in fact attended them up until the last five minutes? Why do we not grab those people and say, “Take these kids back where you got them.” Why did we not change the loophole that has let all this happen?

Cynics will say the real reason is that President Obama wants an immigration crisis. He wants a political crisis. He also doesn’t seem to mind having a medical crisis, as many of the children are infected. The man has so many scandals, perhaps he’s happy to take the spotlight off the VA scandal, the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Bowe Bergdahl scandal, the Iraq scandal, and the pervasive collapse of American confidence, which is perhaps his greatest scandal.

Now he wants almost $4 billion to deal with the crisis he has enabled.

What’s known for sure is this crisis has been building for months. The government ordered related services early in the year. “Feds advertised for escort services for unaccompanied alien children in January,” according to Allen West.

If the Feds knew the services would be needed, then that was the appropriate time to stop this crisis from growing. Instead many suspect that the White House spread the word that children would not be stopped. How else to explain so many parents letting their young children set off on a very dangerous journey?

If these children were truly unattended, then you have child desertion. A legal site says that “child desertion is the intentional or criminally negligent exposure of a child under the age of ten years, by a person who has the care, custody, or control of the child, to a hazard or danger against which the child cannot reasonably be expected to protect himself…”

The tens of thousands of children coming into the country have been subjected to endless dangers including rape, abuse, murder, kidnapping, and infectious diseases, all because President Obama created the illusion (or the reality) that the United States was no longer a sovereign country with borders, and any little children who happen to be walking by could stroll straight in.

Historians will debate which of Obama’s policies was the most coldly calculated ploy. Certainly this Disorder on the Border will be a main contender. Michelle Malkin calls the whole scheme an "enrichment act for immigration lawyers." One has to suppose that pedophiles and human traffickers are grateful.

Even Democrats and media people are stunned, and increasingly critical. According to CNS News, “House Democrat: Obama ‘One Step Behind’ on Border Crisis…. As the situation on the southern border becomes more dire, the Obama Administration is now receiving criticism from its own party…”


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