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Humanitarian Aid Stalls At Ukrainian Border

Humanitarian Aid Stalls At Ukrainian Border
Humanitarian Aid Stalls At Ukrainian Border
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The Russian Federation has sent some 260 vehicles from Moscow loaded with canned foods, generators, sleeping bags, and baby formula. The only problem is that the Ukrainian government has put restrictions on the convoy and want the International Red Cross to be involved with the transfer of goods. Russia has said that the Red Cross is involved but the Red Cross has come out and said that they have not been contacted by Russia. The Ukrainian government is stating that the convoy could be a ruse in a possible invasion of the country of Ukraine.

There is so much distrust between the two countries that if this is true aid then many people like the ones in Luhansk are literally dying for it. They have had fierce fighting over the last two weeks and most in that city have been without power the whole time.

The Ukrainian government has for some three weeks been kicking the heck out of the separatist rebels causing the rebels to beg for a cease fire. The Ukrainian government has not been listening to them because of the fact that every time there has been a cease fire the rebels have always continued fighting.

This continuing conflict has been going on for some five months and it really has only been in the last couple of weeks that government forces have been winning the battles. This has led many to believe that with the increased presence of Russian troops on the border has led many to believe that Russia is going to mount an invasion of the Ukraine.

Putin has for almost a year been telling one story after another of false intentions and in the process Russia was able to take back the Crimea and it's resources. Russia would want nothing more than to get the Ukraine back under Russian control. Putin has never cared for the break up of the Soviet Union and has always wanted to regain the territory that was lost.

The west which includes the United States and European Union have levied sanctions against the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin for the invasion and takeover of the Crimea and it's continued resupplying if the Ukrainian rebels. So for the time being any aid coming from Russia will stay on the border until a third party like the Red Cross are involved. Looks like no one has any faith in the Russian word anymore. Looks like the world believes Vladimir Putin is nothing more than a liar. In the meantime a humanitarian catastrophe is beginning to take shape and many will die without the aid that is needed.

Update: The Russian convoy of humanitarian aid is on the move again and is being monitored by the Red Cross. Hopefully those in need will get some help soon.