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Humane supporters advocate for 'Justice for Indy' the severely burned dog

Humane advocates gathered in front of Van Nuys Courthouse on Tuesday advocating for the maximum punishment for suspect Carlos Duarte.
Humane advocates gathered in front of Van Nuys Courthouse on Tuesday advocating for the maximum punishment for suspect Carlos Duarte.
"Justice for Indy" Facebook page/ James Silva

Quite a crowd gathered in front of the Van Nuys Courthouse on Tuesday morning calling for justice for a three-year-old pit bull named Indy. Carlos Efrain Duarte, 41, of North Hollywood has been charged with one count of felony animal cruelty and was seen pulling the severely injured dog out of his truck last year reported the Pasadena Star News.

Duarte was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department Animals Cruelty Task Force after a six-month investigation of the young dog who had been mercilessly strapped to fireworks, ignited, and then dropped off in an alley in North Hollywood to die. Read more about the original story of Indy by clicking here.

Shelter Transport Animal Rescue with the help of Westlake Village Animal Hospital cared for the dog, who was found barely alive severely dehydrated, and with burns along his chest, legs, and paws.

Indy was found on Independence Day, rescued by a Good Samaritan, and has since been adopted. Although the dog still suffers some of the effects of the barbaric cruelty, he is reported to be a wonderful and friendly pooch, despite the cruel treatment inflicted upon him not too long ago.

On the Facebook page of "Justice for Indy," the most critical piece of evidence hopefully will be a reminder to everyone to report all suspected cases of animal cruelty. If Indy could speak...

"The MOST critical piece of evidence is the surveillance video; DA Carr can only present what the video shows, me being dumped from the back of Carlos Duarte's white truck. If not for the video, we would not be fighting for animal rights!!!
Again, you were my "VOICE" today and I am hopeful you will be now and in the future for all of us, that can not "Speak"!"

Duarte can only be charged with abandoning an injured dog since there is no evidence of him hurting Indy.

If found guilty, Duarte could face four years in prison. He has a record of other unrelated crimes in the past including four convictions of DUI.

The hearing was postponed and has now been rescheduled to July 18. More humane advocates and animal lovers expect to attend and peacefully demonstrate for better laws against those who abuse animals.

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