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Humane society removes 18 cats from Philadelphia animal hoarder

The 15 cats and 3 newborn kittens are currently being evaluated at the PSPCA shelter.
The 15 cats and 3 newborn kittens are currently being evaluated at the PSPCA shelter.
PSPCA press release

William Miller, 50, of the 7400 block of Elmwood Ave. in southwest Philadelphia was charged Saturday night with 15 counts of animal cruelty for having cats living in unsanitary confinement reported the Pennsylvania SPCA press announcement.

Authorities had been investigating an unrelated matter at Miller's residence when they discovered the cats living in an environment "covered in 4-5 inches of feces all around" stated George Bengal, Director of Humane Law Enforcement for the PSPCA.

The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia removed 15 cats and three newborn kittens from the home. The animals were all taken to the Erie Ave. shelter where they are currently being evaluated.

It is estimated that over 250,000 animals are the victims of hoarders every year. Many of the people involved in these situations believe they are saving or rescuing the very animals who are often neglected, lack proper medical care and not fed properly. Many of the animals live in substandard, and in filthy conditions filled with animal feces and urine.

Animal hoarding is a serious situation. If you suspect someone of hoarding, please be the voice for those who cannot speak and call the nearest animal shelter or police.

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