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Humane Society of Allen County requires funding

The Humane Society of Allen County requires emergency funding to stay open. The Humane Society is not funded by county, state, ,government monies or national affiliations. This facility is top rate and has many dogs and cats housed at this time.

Funding has been so slow in coming, along with increased costs, that it is in danger of closing. The Humane Society has made numerous pleas for financial assistance the last couple years and have been operating on a shoe string, but it has become dire at this point.

When cats are no longer wanted, most call the Humane Society, as the Dog Warden can not accept cats. And, did you know that there are approximately 133,000 cats in the Lima area? And that spring is the most prolific time that cats are being born? Puppies are also going to be flooding the facility. The Humane Society is the only organization for these animals to be taken and possibly rehomed. These numbers tell you how important it is to spay or neuter cats and dogs to control populations.

The only source of income for this nonprofit is fundraisers, adoptions and donations. Won't you help the local agency take care of unwanted pets? Without assistance, and soon, we may not have a local Humane Society.

For more information contact the Humane Society on their website, or at 3606 Elida Road.

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