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Humane Society issues statement after pit bull stabbed at adoption event

Clicks for Clara FB page

On Monday, the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society issued a statement about the stabbing which left a pit bull dead at a weekend adoption event in Georgia.

The statement was posted to the humane society's Facebook page, along with a statement that any and all comments about the situation will be deleted from their page.

From NCHS Board of Directors:
There was a horrific, tragic incident yesterday at PetSmart with one of our foster dogs, Clara. Below is a message from one of our volunteers that was there yesterday and deeply cared for Clara, regarding the painful decision to euthanize Clara...

NCHS made the very difficult decision to have Clara euthanized because we thought it would be best for Clara. Her injuries were more extensive than the vet originally thought. We did not want her to suffer anymore and ultimately die in the presence of strangers.

Several of the volunteers with NCHS who know and love Clara were there with her when she passed including one of the guys who works at the kennel where she had been boarded. She was surrounded by love and no longer is in pain or suffering.

We did what we thought was best for Clara under the circumstances - not because she was a liability or the cost of treatment. The little dog she attacked was injured - a bite on the neck and needed to be transported to Urgent Care for further treatment and I hear she is going to be okay. Believe me, none of us wanted to euthanize Clara - we love her - we did what we thought was best for her under the circumstances.

According to Tuesday's publication of the Times-Herald, witnesses saw Clara slip from her collar before grabbing the small dog, described as a Westie terrier, by either the neck, or the ear. The small dog's owner repeatedly stabbed Clara and witness Kathy Stottlar stated that she heard him repeatedly yelling:

get the dog off or I will stab him.’

Erin Barr, another witness to the tragic situation, heard the man threaten Clara before anything transpired between the dogs. She told the Times Herald that she heard the man say:

“If you bring that f***ing pit bull near me I’m going to stab it.”

Yet another witness stated that at the time that the man started kicking and stabbing Clara, both dogs were standing there, and it was her opinion that they could have been separated before the knife attack started.

Barr noted that Clara did not react when she was being attacked, she recounted the scene:

Clara just lay there, almost smiling with her mouth wide open, not fighting back, as the crazed man continued to knife Clara. It was a bloodbath. He knifed her over and over and over and she just lay there. She did not fight back. There was blood everywhere. My child was there, several children watched and cried and screamed. The crazed mans' own son was just quiet, looking around, in amazement, it seemed."

The small dog sustained minor injuries in the altercation and was released from the veterinary clinic by Monday morning; Newnan Animal Warden Cyndi Hoffman is investigating what transpired on the day of the event.

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