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Humane organization calls Barkley the worst case of abuse ever seen

Humane organization calls Barkley the worst case of abuse ever seen-slide0
TAF and Mutt Hutt Inc.

A tiny four-pound walking skeleton, now named Barkley, ideally should weigh 15 pounds, but his unknown history of abuse and neglect have taken their toll. On August 5, the Trio Animal Foundation in Chicago, Illinois were asked to rescue this little dog whose future looked so very bleak.

Barkley is finally free of the matted mess of a coat that pulled away at his ravaged, emaciated little body.
Trio Animal Foundation and Mutt Hutt Inc.

Blakely spent his first two nights at the pet hospital for emergency care, and on Saturday, he was finally able to return to Mutt Hutt to complete his necessary grooming.

Besides being severely emaciated, Barkley suffered from massive hair loss, as the weight of his matted mess of fur, pulled away from his body. Up and down his legs were urine sores resembling cigarette burns. but the surprises of his long term suffering were soon to be discovered. Two toenails had been found growing out of the dog's ears; the rescuers surmised Barkley had tried to scratch when his nails caught in the mats and eventually were ripped out of his toes from the constant pressure.

The dog's toes were fused together and described as follows:

"Barkley’s toes were so tightly fused together by mats and dried puss that it was near impossible to separate them without physically using your hands to forcefully pull them apart. It was like there was a rubber band around them cutting off the circulation. In fact, there were more toenails that had fallen off and were entombed in the urine stained matted fur."

The worst, however was yet to come as the matted hair was gently shaved and trimmed away from Barkley's ravaged little body:

"Once the matted fur was finally shaved from Barkley’s legs, the carnage underneath was so bad that it literally took your breathe away… before us stood a tiny little skeleton that had oozing sores up and down his legs and black masses looked like dead tissue."

No one is really sure how this little dog survived, but the resilient little pooch is hanging on and now receiving the best of care.

If you would like to help Barkley with his medical care, please click here and mention that the donation is for Barkley.

Please share his story, and support the Trio Animal Foundation who assists shelters, rescues and individuals with the funds needed to help pay medical bills for homeless pets.

You can follow Barkley's progress by following the Trio Animal Foundation on Facebook by clicking here.

Get well soon Barkley. We can't wait to see how beautiful you will be again when you gain a bit of weight and your beautiful coat grows back.

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