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Humane Lobby Day draws a crowd

Today a crowd of about 200 animal activists swarmed the state capitol. They came bearing signs calling for Kentucky to make it illegal to own a dog for the purpose of fighting and mete out harsher punishment to those who are convicted of cruelty to animals. The Arrow Fund brought with them a large contingent from Louisville who lobbied for these changes and more.

Animal activists bore signs calling for and end to dog fighting in Kentucky.
Animal activists bore signs calling for and end to dog fighting in Kentucky.
Ashleigh Shelton

Rebecca Eaves, the director of the arrow fund, brought with her Frodo. Frodo is the “spokesdog” for The Arrow Fund. He was a bait dog who was mutilated in order to train other dogs to fight. His pictures were the ones that were emblazoned on the banner demanding an end to dog fighting in Kentucky. He was certainly the rock star of the event. He made friends wherever he went.

Pam Rogers, the Kentucky State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, explained the intricacies of lobbying for stricter animal laws in Kentucky. She also drove home the point that Kentucky is the only state in which it is not illegal to own dogs for the purpose of fighting. Another bill that she spread information on is the bill that calls for the forfeiture of animals once someone is convicted of animal cruelty and a two year period in which the abuser cannot own another animal of the same species.

These laws cannot be passed without support. If no one speaks up, more animals will suffer. Contacting your representatives and letting them know that you support the bills that seek to make dog fighting illegal and impose stricter penalties on those convicted of animal abuse could help keep more animals from suffering. You can also like the Kentucky Coalition to End Dog Fighting on Facebook.