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Humane group attempts to tranquilize stray dog with pipe stuck on its head

Poor Piper has this air conditioning duct pipe stuck over his head and neck, but just doesn't trust any human to get close enough to him to help.
Upstate Animal Rescue

Ever since Monday, a stray dog in Westminster, S.C. who apparently doesn't want anything to do with humans, continues to elude capture even though his sight is greatly limited due to an air conditioning duct pipe stuck firmly on the dog's head and neck posted the Facebook page of Upstate Animal Rescue.

The dog has not been able to drink or eat.

As of two hours ago, on Saturday afternoon, the group put out a plea for someone with a dart or tranquilizer rifle to help capture the dog affectionately named Piper.

No one has been able to get close enough to the dog to even try and sedate him. The group thinks the dog may have been abandoned as a puppy.

"No animal control officer or veterinarian was ever close enough to Piper to even consider discharging a tranquilizer weapon, the target must be about 25 yards for the dart to reach, so since Piper is usually about 100 yards from the professional, there is no need to even attempt to tranquilize."

On Friday, the dog was spotted several times; traps have been set and four qualified Animal Control Officers as well as veterinarians and technical workers are on the scene evaluating the dog's well being.

Unfortunately the setting where Piper has taken cover is in an expansive 500 acres of thickly wooded forests with abundant wild life; some wild animals deemed to be dangerous and unsafe for the public to come out and watch.

The group's latest report is asking for everyone to be patient; cell phones and all electronics are turned off so as not to scare Piper with any other unnecessary noises:

" I'm going to give a quick update on Piper. This is all we can really report at this time. Piper has calmed down and seems more relaxed today than before. He is walking around with his friend (a female that has been with him for over a year). There are doctors and professionals on site that are watching Piper and his friend. Traps are set and there is food and water placed all over the place for both of these babies. Because all electronic devices on site are shut down, I will not be able to give another update until either Piper is caught or until night fall."

Once captured, Piper will need medical care. If you would like to help this dog, you can donate through PayPal or mail to UARSC PO Box 195 Townville, SC 29689.

We're rooting for you Piper!

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