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Human skulls donated: Goodwill looking for the numbskull who donated 3 skulls

Human skulls donated: Goodwill looking for the numbskull who donated 3 skulls
Wikipedia / Goodwill Industries

Human skulls donated to a Goodwill in a Seattle suburb are making the heads swim of the thrift store management, who along with local police, are actively looking for the numbskull who decided that parsimonious shoppers might just have a need to adorn their dining room table with a trio of human heads.

Reports CBS News: “The King County medical examiner said in a statement on Wednesday that two of the skulls were from adults and appeared to have been used in a medical clinic or for instruction. The third is very old and appears to have belonged to a Native American child. Forensic anthropologist Kathy Taylor said the skull is that of a 5 or 6-year-old and is at least 100 years old.”

The medical examiner from Cook County pointed out that anytime one is “gifted” or inherits, or just inadvertently comes across, human remains, even those perhaps used in prior clinical or archaeological studies, he or she must alert authorities.

“If you inadvertently discover human remains, such as buried or in a public place, you must notify law enforcement,” the Medical Examiner’s office said in a statement.

In the case of the Native American skull, Washington state law requires that it be returned to its tribe. For that reason, officials are asking that whoever anonymously dropped off the skulls step forward and identify themselves, without reprisal or fear of penalty, so that they can attempt to comply with the law.

Goodwill out of Alberta, Canada recently discussed some of the things they received: a pair of stuffed turtles, a small, preserved, shark in a jar and a hand-carved ivory tusk.

Of course, the Goodwills in Las Vegas are more certainly able to top that.

Says the Las Vegas Sun: “hash pipes, brass knuckles, nunchucks, spears, swords, fireworks and a fair amount of guns and ammo (sometimes conveniently loaded). Oh, and grenades.”

Among some of the other gems: Live animals, various puppies, kittens and live birds, cremated remains, little boxes with teeth inside, medical equipment and biohazard trash, pornography and the “occasional used and un-emptied diaper pail.”

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