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Human skull turns up at Texas Goodwill

Imagine finding this in a donation bin.
Imagine finding this in a donation bin.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

No, this is not some kind of manufactured, twisted tale. It's not a misleading title or a play on words. This is the real deal. It actually happened on July 16, of this year in Austin Texas. It seems that a Goodwill worker came across a human skull while sorting donations.

One can only imagine what the 5555 North Lamar Boulevard. Austin, Texas Goodwill employee was thinking when they laid hands on this particular donation. Talk about a fly on the wall situation. Plus, where on earth did it come from?

The homicide detective assigned to the case has stated that there is no evidence of wrong doing. He feels that it may have been used as an anatomical model or for something of a scientific research nature. Still, police are understandably curios as to the origin and reason for this strange, yet non-isolated donation. That's right. It isn't the first time this has happened.

According to an August 28, 2014 Denver Post story:

“Three were donated in July to a Goodwill store in Bellevue, Washington.”

According to a more detailed, August 27 story from KVUE ABC News, An employee of Goodwill made mention of the fact that all sorts of interesting things turn up in those donation bins.

"We have gotten prosthetic limbs. We have gotten Rolex watches. We have gotten Krugerrands. Our donations run the gamut," said Traci Berry with Goodwill.

Police are asking the person who donated the skull or anyone who has information concerning the donation or origin of the skull to contact the APD Homicide Unit (512- 974-5210).

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