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Human Rights Commission distributed anti-discrimination stickers to businesses

Anti-bias stickers distributed to businesses in New York city
Human Rights Commission

New York businesses are encouraged to open their doors wider to customers without any strings or conditions attached by displaying stickers that read “We Do NOT Discriminate. If you’re Buying, We’re selling.”

To achieve this, the City’s Human Rights Commission has embarked on distributing the anti-bias decals to business owners in the five boroughs apparently to stem the tide of discrimination reported by victims of such act.

The City’s anti-discrimination watchdog is seen by analysts using the sticker as a reminder to businesses and customers that the city has a zero tolerance for biases of any kind against New York residents irrespective of race, color, religion or affiliates.

Patricia Gatling, Human Rights Commissioner said “It is more important than ever to remind individuals of the strong anti-discrimination law we have in this city and that discrimination is simply not tolerated here.”

10,000 of the stickers at a cost of $1742 were reportedly distributed free of charge to business houses throughout the city’s boroughs on Monday.

Allegations of discrimination against business owners and employers from complainants were settled by the commission over the last year to the tune of $1.3 million in damages and fines.

Discrimination against people is a recurring decimal in American life. Governments at all levels are putting in place various legislation to curb the menace.

Numerous groups are not relenting in their anti-discrimination postures with many using the law courts to settle cases of discrimination against their groups or associates. Individuals alike seek help from government agencies to get redress against abuses from employers or business owners when they are wronged.

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