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Human remains found on cruise ship: Grim find while dismantling Costa Concordia

Human remains were discovered inside the ill-fated ship the Costa Concordia by divers who were dismantling an area of the ship that was previously inaccessible. Last month the cruise ship was floated upright and towed to a scrapyard in Genoa, where divers found the remains while embarking on the salvage process, according to MSN News on August 7.

Human remains found by divers who are dismantling the ill-fated cruise ship Costa Concordia.
Photo by Laura Lezza/Getty Images

The human remains consisted of bone fragments, so it is too soon to tell if the remains are those of the last missing person, Indian waiter Russel Rebello. His family has been notified of the find and so has the family of passenger Maria Grazia Trecharichi, who was the last missing passenger to be discovered in the wreck. Her discovered remains were possibly not a complete set of remains, so it is possible that the bone fragments could come from either of the last two missing, according to RTE News today.

While DNA confirmed the previous remains found were those of Trecharichi, this latest discovery could possibly be some of the missing pieces that weren’t recovered earlier. The bodies of 30 of the 32 people who died in the shipwreck were recovered shortly after the Concordia sank.

Trecharichi, who was an Italian passenger, was one of the two still missing from the 2012 shipwreck months after the sinking. Trecarichi’s remains were discovered last October, but it wasn’t clear if a complete set of remains for the woman were recovered.

This latest find consists of bone fragments from a skull, reports Italian media today, but the civil protection agency would neither confirm nor deny skull fragments were discovered.

The ship will be dismantled for scrap in its final resting place in the Genoa ship yard. That project is expected to take 22-months, as this ship is twice the size of the Titanic. This is one of the most horrendous and bizarre shipwrecks in history, as the death toll could have been much lower, even zero, if the passengers weren’t given the wrong instructions by crew members.

The passengers were told to all stay in their staterooms and many of those who listened to the crew’s instructions drowned. The ship listed and the doorway to exit the rooms ended up above the passengers where the ceiling once was. They couldn’t reach the door to exit the ship.

Imagine turning your bedroom so the wall is now the floor and the opposite wall, the one with your doorway, is now the ceiling. The only way out of the staterooms was above their heads, which they couldn't reach. As water filled the cabins many of the passengers drowned.

Some passengers who did escape waited for the water to float them to the doorways above and they were able to swim out. One of the most memorable events during this tragedy is that the ship’s captain was one of the first people to get off the ship, along with some of the crew.

Some of the passengers stepped into a leadership role and lead groups of people out of the ship and to safety. The captain and crew didn’t get any credit for helping the terrified passengers. They all had their day in court.

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