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Human Elsa: Anna Faith Carlson is all about making sick kids happy

She is called the human version of Elsa, the main character from the hit Disney movie, “Frozen.” Anna Faith Carlson was discovered to be her lookalike after she posted a picture of herself beside a cutout of the animated character at a store and she quickly became a viral sensation. Fox News posted on Wednesday that the Florida teen, who now has over 330,000 Instagram followers, has been taking advantage of her new found fame. She has been busy making sick kids happy.

Elsa and Anna are both beloved Disney characters.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

The 18-year-old, who just graduated from high school, is interested in a career in the entertainment business and she is thrilled that she has been noticed by so many, even if it is from unexpected circumstances. Her resemblance to the Disney princess goes without saying. She has the long blond hair, the porcelain skin, and she can sing as well. Carlson said that it was a friend of hers that told her that she should take a side-by-side photo and post it.

She went from being a high school graduate to traveling around visiting with sick children that adore ‘Elsa.’ Carlson pulls her hair into a side braid, adds some lavender eye shadow, and dons that familiar blue dress to transform into her “Frozen” self. She even has the animated expressions down. She also has a traveling companion as her sister, Lexie, goes along with her dressing up as another Disney character from the movie, Anna.

“[Lexie] always goes with me. She loves just as much. She is a sophomore [in high school]," she said. "She is actually interested in the medical field so we kind of have a little bit different goals in life but for right now we do work together."

Carlson says that she has been to hospitals to talk, and to sing, for the kids that are struggling with serious health issues. She gets plenty of special hugs as a thank you for being the ‘human Elsa.’ The two sisters also travel to schools and sometimes even kid’s parties.

“There’s a lot of exposure right now, and I am so glad it’s happening because people around the world want me to visit sick children, and I am so excited [to do that],” she told Fox.

This just may be the opening that she needs as she says that she wants to get into show business. Her willingness to become the ‘human Elsa’ and becoming a viral hit among both kids and adults, it might just happen for her.

“I do want to be an actress and a singer, and I want to be a role model for children,” she explained.

Although she hasn't made a profit by dressing up as Elsa, Anna Faith Carlson is having fun meeting all of the special kids that adore the “Frozen” character. She has no plans right now to take on the life of a college student. She is hoping that her talent will speak for itself eventually. You can follow her on Instagram to keep up with all of her appearances and fun times that she has experienced so far.

What do you think about Anna Faith Carlson as the human version of Elsa? Does she have a strong resemblance to the Disney princess?

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