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Human body parts in garbage bags found: Head, torso left roadside in Michigan

Human body parts found in bags and dumped along the rural snow covered roads of Michigan are a gruesome find for authorities today. The body parts appear to belong to the same person, a white male, but an autopsy that is scheduled for Friday afternoon should offer up more information today, according to CNN News on Jan. 31.

Human body parts found along rural Michigan road on Friday, torso and head found and believed to be from one person.
Getty images

The discovery was made just a few miles from the Canadian border. Police were led to the area by a woman’s phone call saying that she’s found something “suspicious.” The authorities found the bags with human body parts scattered over two adjoining roads. The discovery was a bit more than suspicious, it was gruesome and sickening to see pieces of a man cut up and thrown away like yesterday’s garbage.

A witness came forward to say that she saw a middle-aged woman in a light-colored SUV dumping garbage bags along the road. Police are looking for the woman in the SUV today. The witness thought it was just garbage that the woman was throwing out. The police are investigating this case of the human body parts as a homicide. The bags included a head and a torso.

Police also found a bag of charred paperwork and clothing at about 5 a.m. on Friday morning. They are looking into this bag possibly being connected to the body parts discovered, according to Fox News today.

As of now the Michigan State Crime Lab is assisting the St. Clair County Sheriff’s office in this investigation. So far the FBI is not involved.

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