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Human beings need goals, when we have no goals we die

Creativity stems from dreaming bigger dreams and creates a dramatic increase in the flow of energy. The survival instinct within a human being is very strong. We are wired for difficulties. When you keep living the same old stagnating life. What is standing between you and your dream, you are. The bigger your dream the more energy you release to create it. Without a new goal you keep repeating the same old life.

Most people waste tremendous amounts of energy You create new dreams or you die. Emotions hold tremendous amounts of energy. There are a lot of people who don’t allow for themselves to dream. Can you imagine such a way of life? They call themselves “realists.” Baby you were born but you can change your way of life right now. How did the people in concentration camps die and lose hope, because the people in charge took away their hopes. In extreme cases some people died within 48 hours of the Nazi influenced intention. You have to set your own goals, or you get stuck in the same old life or you tend to take on the goals of those around you. The ones that survived saw themselves living/surviving or they lived for revenge.

The goal is first What did Babe Ruth do every time he came to home plate to bat? He pointed to where the ball was going to go. He created the thirst, not just his but everybody who was watching the game that day. People with goals can survive the “hard times” better than the ones who don’t. Your dreams have direct impact on the life you lead.

When you set a goal the question is, is the goal bigger than you or are you bigger than it Do you back away from the goal or do you lean into it. We are talking taking charge of your life here. The goals you write will be ones that will change your “inner strength.” You need to visualize you having leading that life, being that person. If you visualize whatever it is you are thinking about it does change your mind.

When you write out your goals you already have what you want Write 16 or so out See yourself doing it. You see other people doing it already don’t you when you look around, all you need to do is see yourself doing it. Think of a couple your grand parents age, one dies, the bam so does the other one.

The dreams you have are in direct proportion to how good you think you are How big you dream is wound up in your appraisal. When you start to feel scared you start backing away from the goal. You start telling yourself negative actions. They become “sensible” the so-called realistic part of you comes in to talk you out of it. You got to close it down. You got a dream, then you have the resources.

It’s alright to start off afraid it’s not alright to stay afraid You gotta’ be resilient. You have had some hard times in your life. Remember how you recovered from it. The recovery point, it’s how you grow. There’s lots of things that will happen on the way to your goal some will knock you down, some will flatten you right out. Get up! Don’t lose sight of your dream.

If you are hoping the bad stuff doesn’t come you are visualizing the obstacles Remember the good things you’ve done, no matter what age you were at the time. Remember how you felt. You can go through hell in a gasoline suit and come out the other side once you put your mind to it, when your goals are in place.

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