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Human Barbie posts makeup free photo; Valeria Lukyanova’s doll face is beautiful

The Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, makeup free
Valeria Lukyanova/Facebook

The Human Barbie has taken off all her makeup to show what the real Valeria Lukyanova looks like in a picture posted on her official Facebook page. Perhaps the model wanted to prove once and for all she did look like a Mattel doll without all her makeup and with fans desperate to see it, there was a huge interest. According to The Stir on Monday, people are surprised how the Human Barbie looks because she does look like a doll without makeup.

Don’t forget that Valeria Lukyanova has been under the knife more than once. In fact there have been rumors that the model has had dozens of operations. However, there has been a question of how much the cosmetics have enhanced the celebrity’s looks. And after looking at the Human Barbie makeup free picture people realize this star has a great plastic surgeon.

Offering up a look it appears that Valeria’s face and curves aren't makeup enhanced at all. Instead it seems that she uses her bone structure (and facial structure) to her advantage. Knowing what is her best side she can look like Barbie even more by sharing her best features.

So what has made Valeria Lukyanova decide to use so much makeup after revealing what a beautiful woman that she already has become? Well, she does look like a doll, but without the cosmetics she isn’t quite a Barbie doll. And as everyone knows, Valeria prides herself on looking like the genuine Barbie doll and nothing less than Barbie.

Valeria Lukyanova has indicated she is interested in leaving her home and moving to another part of the world to model and be part of the pop culture crazy around Barbie. Knowing her Human Barbie status has people intrigued, it wouldn't be surprising if this reality star decided to come to America in the very near future. People would probably pay good money to have a picture with this star.

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