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Human Barbie offers hope to ugly people? People dream of plastic surgery

Barbie makes people think about their looks
Barbie makes people think about their looks
Photo by Joerg Koch/Getty Images

When people see the Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova they might be thinking how different the woman looks. Or maybe they are considering what beauty procedures they would do to look more like a doll. In a twisted way, Valeria Lukyanova caters to the vain side of every human and she does it by simply being the Human Barbie. According to The Gloss on Wednesday, there are beauty procedures that people think about doing to their body, especially if there was no pain and money wasn't an issue.

The impact that the Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova makes on people has an irreversible effect. People can obviously tell that she has altered her appearance in ways that even she won’t disclose. You can’t get the image of a woman who looks like a Mattel doll out of your mind so easily.

Then there is the male counterpart as well. Justin Jedlica is the Human Ken Doll and he is open to sharing that he has had over 100 surgeries to alter his appearance. Believing in the process, he even gives consultations to people considering the opportunity to alter their appearance. With so many different types of plastic surgery, it makes sense to ask the advice of someone who has been under the knife.

If there were no issues of money or pain, what would people actually change about themselves? Well women were honest in their assessments of themselves and offered that liposuction, a boob job or a nose job were some of the biggest requests. Botox was also on the list. It’s safe to say most of the procedures suggested were done to the Human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova at some point to make her look like a doll.

So what would you get if you could get any cosmetic procedure? You don’t have to say it out loud, but everyone wants something done. Don’t suggest you are perfect as that would be so lame. We would even think that the Human Barbie might know you were not telling the truth.