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Human Barbie called 'fake' and 'mentally insane' with video offered as proof

The Human Barbie is a fake says one blogger who offers up the proof!

The Human Barbie is apparently all human and very little Barbie, so say the latest online claims targeting this pop culture phenomenon. After analyzing Valeria Lukyanova’s pictures up against her newly released videos, The Dirty website has come to the conclusion that she’s a fake. According to the Huffington Post, on Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012, the many claims that she's nothing more than an image enhanced with technology is the latest consensus circulating online.

The Barbie doll girl does a good job at portraying herself as a fragile doll. In her video she explains that she often cocks her head to the side because her neck is too thin and fragile to support her head. Many are convinced that the Human Barbie is using Photoshop when she posts her pictures online.

The Dirty took their analysis of the Human Barbie a few steps further and called her “mentally insane.” It appears that the blogger found evidence on her video, which you can’t Photoshop, and he believes that Valeria has been doctoring up her looks with technology since hitting the online social networks.

You can check out her video here on The Dirty and see for yourself that she doesn't always look like plastic. It's believe she achieves this Barbie look because she cuts, pastes, airbrushes, enlarges and shrinks all her God given assets in a picture to achieve the doll effect.

What ever this human Barbie Doll is doing, it is awarding her great attention. She has had more than her fair share of the 15 minutes of fame today by exploiting her oddities. More than likely her bankbook has done nothing but grow with all the fascination she's sparked among the common folks.


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