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HUM Nutrition beautifies from within

HUM Nutrition
HUM Nutrition
HUM Nutrition

Starting tomorrow, and select retail stores will debut HUM Nutrition. An innovation in beauty, HUM Nutrition is a full range of all-natural, gluten-free supplements scientifically researched and designed around skin, body and lifestyle.

With 12 different supplements, HUM offers a monthly box of products needed to achieve gorgeousness from within. The 30-day supply tackles everything from promoting fuller, shinier hair to detoxing and cleansing the body.

“Sephora has done a phenomenal job in innovating beauty with forward thinking brands,” said Walter Faulstroh, CEO HUM Nutrition. “We created HUM to complement these great products by going beyond the surface to boost results. With our brand, beauty starts from within, making it possible for consumers to nurture their internal and external needs at the same time.”

Founded in 2012 by Walter Faulstroh and Chris Coleridge, HUM's name is inspired by the vibrant beauty of hummingbirds and how they whizz around all day full of energy, powered by nature, bringing happiness to those lucky enough to see them. Faulstroh and Coleridge are also the creators of the successful V Water.

HUM's product line includes:

  • Red Carpet - Plant based dietary supplement for glowing skin and fuller, shinier hair
  • Killer Nails - Plant based dietary supplement to strengthen hair and nails
  • Runway Ready Set - Developed for Paris Fashion week, combining Killer Nails and Red Carpet in daily packs for glowing skin, glamorous hair & perfect nails without make up
  • Smooth Operator - Dietary supplement with collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Time Capsule - A plant based dietary supplement to protect the skin against aging
  • OMG! Omega the Great - Ultra pure, high potency fish oil dietary supplement for clear, even skin and a healthy heart & body
  • Daily Cleanse - Dietary supplement to clear your skin and body from toxins
  • Moody Bird - Plant based dietary supplement formulated to counter the symptoms of PMS
  • Über Energy - Plant based dietary supplement formulated to raise energy, balance stress and reduce fatigue
  • Chill Pill - Plant based dietary supplement to keep your head clear and stop you from reacting to stress
  • Wing Man - Plant based dietary supplement to support the liver

HUM Nutrition's website allows visitors to create a personal profile so a registered dietitian help them figure out which supplements are best for their body.

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