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Hulk Hogan wants to shake The Ultimate Warrior's hand to squash decades-old feud

According to a March 1 report from, Hulk Hogan says he would like to shake The Ultimate Warrior's hand to put an end to a decades-old feud.

Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior have taken plenty of shots at each other in the media over the years, mostly over petty issues that are no longer relevant.

Hogan wants to put the past in the past and move forward in a positive direction.

I don’t know. Triple H was giving me the broad strokes of The Ultimate Warrior and his concerns with Hulk Hogan. I said, 'Triple H, I’m easy, brother. After everything I’ve been through, and everything I’ve learned, for me, it’s about this moment forward.' I said, 'I understand that there might be a little situation, but you don’t have to worry about me.' I would love to shake his hand, look him in the eye and say, 'Brother, nothing but love for you. Whatever I did, I apologize for it. I don’t even need for you to apologize if there was anything on your end. Whatever it is, brother, nothing but love for you, let’s do business.' And if we could be friends? Even better, because he’s a good guy.

Hogan is set to host this year's Wrestlemania, and The Ultimate Warrior is also set to return to the WWE fold with an appearance at the promotion's 2014 Hall of Fame ceremony in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Since the men are likely to cross paths, Hogan wants it to be known that he has no lingering "beef" with The Ultimate Warrior.

Hogan also discussed his upcoming Wrestlemania hosting gig. He said he's content to host, and that he will not be actually wrestling at the event.

Now listen, brother, now you’re trying to bring the ego out. [laughs] I try to keep the ego dormant. At this point, coming back here and being the host of WrestleMania is a huge honor. Would I love to have a WrestleMania moment and walk down to the ring because one of the good guys were in trouble with somebody like Triple H and I 'hulk up' and throw a punch and help the good guys win? Would I love to do that? Yes sir. But it’s to the point now where I feel really good physically — and this isn’t a woe-is-me statement, it’s just a fact — after two knee replacements and two hip replacements and nine back surgeries, I’m not going to go jumping off the top rope and drop the leg. You’ll never see that happen. But I’m really happy with being the host. It’s like a monstrous shot of adrenaline.

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