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Hulk Hogan training: Wrestler wants to take on John Cena

Will Hulk Hogan return to the ring for one more match against John Cena?
Will Hulk Hogan return to the ring for one more match against John Cena?
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Hulk Hogan is training for another wrestling match. He revealed that to a fan at a recent event, and now the wrestling world and its fans are buzzing with the news. Hogan was a big name in the days when the WWE was the WWF, but he is still supportive of the organization. The Spread It shared the latest on Hulk Hogan and his potential return to the ring on Aug. 5.

Hulk Hogan will celebrate his birthday on Monday. The wrestling superstar is turning 60, and he is celebrating that big day by appearing on Monday Night Raw. He tweeted on Monday that he planned to appear on Raw next week. He could also attend Summer Slam later this month, but that has not yet been confirmed. Could he be setting up an announcement about his return to the ring?

At an event held on Monday, the wrestler told a fan that he was training to get ready for a match, and he has his eye set on John Cena. Hogan is a fan of Cena, and he has spoken out about the wrestler in recent interviews. He said the following about the WWE champion during a recent radio appearance, according to Bleacher Report:

"He loves being on the road, he’s got wrestling in his blood. And for him to be so graceful when he’s tired and there’s no sleep, no food and these Make-A-Wish kids come to him even for five minutes, he’ll spend a whole day with them. His priorities are in order. No matter what whether he wins or loses he’s still the man. To me, I’ve been around for a long time and I’ve done a lot to help this business, but it fails in comparison to what John Cena has done. In my opinion, John Cena is the greatest WWE champion of all time."

In recent years, his personal life has made more news. The wrestler brought his family to reality television, and his daughter has become a celebrity as well. Recent reports have him causing a bit of trouble for Brooke though. A new statement by Hogan revealed that he was behind the end of engagement to Phil Costa. Hogan has always been protective of his daughter, but his causing the end of her engagement might cross the line. He said the following during another radio interview:

"I love the Dallas Cowboys, been a fan forever. But, my daughter was engaged to one of those guys and he didn’t walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. I put a bullet in that really quick. There was no way my daughter was going to marry somebody that I don’t like that got me mad, or has got in my face."

When was Hogan's last time in the ring? Hogan wrestled The Rock 12 years ago. Will fans see Hulk Hogan take on John Cena at a future WWE event? There is some evidence that backs the possibility. On Tuesday, WWE released information about the next edition of their video game. Fans will be able to pick up WWE 2K15 “HULKAMANIA” Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hogan appeared in his first video game released 25 years ago, and this new game will take fans into some of his classic matches. Will a match with John Cena be included?

With the new video game release focusing on Hogan's career, his appearance on Monday Night Raw, and his recent statements, fans could see him back in the ring one more time. Do you want to see Hogan take on Cena in the ring? On the other hand, is this a train wreck in the making? Is Hogan making a mistake if he returns to the ring at 60?

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