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Hulk Hogan to Host Wrestlemania 30

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is set to bring back arguably the biggest star in company history. WWE announced that Hulk Hogan will host, their biggest pay per view of the year, Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans. Hogan, a legend to wrestling fans around the world has been absent from the WWE for the past seven years. Hogan left WWE and went to World Championship Wrestling (WCW) helping to form the NOW (New World Order) which sparked the “Monday Night Wars” between WWE and WCW.

Hogan has spent the last four years with TNA Impact Wrestling, but WWE chairman vice McMahon is excited that Hogan has returned. “We are thrilled that Hulk Hogan has returned home to WWE.”, said McMahon. “it’s fitting to have him help us celebrate 30 years of Wrestlemania and usher in a new era with the launch of the WWE Network.” Hogan will make his return to the WWE on the upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. Coincidentally, the same day the WWE Network launches. The 60 year Hogan has been confirmed to make also make an appearance on WWE Network’s Raw backstage pass, which will be the initial broadcast for the network.

Hogan has no plans to wrestle at the pay per view. When asked by an associated press writer, Hogan addressed the issue. “Right now, it’s not in the plans,” said Hogan. “But like they say in the WWE, never say never.” Hogan’s last WWE appearance was in December 2007, where he appeared at the 15th anniversary of Monday Night Raw.

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