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Hulk Hogan threatens Brock Lesnar: Wrestler is ready for last big fight

Hulk Hogan
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Hulk Hogan wants a big fight with Brock Lesnar and he is threatening him already. On Thursday, The Spread It spoke out about what he had to say. Hulk wants this to be his last big fight before he retires, but you never know if he will change his mind or not.

Hulk Hogan caught the cameras rolling and decided to give a speech. He wants fans to know what to expect when it all goes down on television. He said,

"All I gotta say is, Brock…I haven’t done anything to get in your way. But you keep throwing my name around, and I’m gonna get in your way. You can’t say that stuff like you said Brock, in front of my wife and kids. It’s not cool brother. I know this is all entertainment. You know we’re supposed to have fun with it but when he starts throwing my name around, with my wife and my kids, it’s crossing the line."

At first it sounded like this was all just for television, but now it is starting to look like it might be the real deal. It appears that Hulk Hogan might be upset with Brock Lesnar and it isn't all just for show. Hulk Hogan had said that he wanted to fight John Cena to begin with but now it looks like he might have just changed his mind about who he wants to be up against.

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