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Hulk Hogan's return date to WWE confirmed for next week

Hulk Hogan is officially heading back to the WWE.
Hulk Hogan is officially heading back to the WWE.

It has been rumored and then squashed and rumored again, but now it appears as if Hulk Hogan's return to WWE is officially going to happen. TMZ reported on Feb. 21, 2014, that Hulk Hogan will officially return to the company this next week on WWE "Monday Night Raw."

Many thought that Hogan's return would be in conjunction with the launch of the brand new WWE Network, and that happens on Feb. 24, 2014.

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It is well known that Hogan has been in Florida and training at the WWE Performance Center, but there was no word on when he would show up on TV again. Monday seems like the day, and that means he will be with the company a full month before WWE "WrestleMania XXX" in New Orleans.

Hogan was last with WWE back in 2007, and there's no word on what his role in the company will be. He could wrestle or he could be a general manager of sorts or he could just be a spokesman.

Some rumors have been that Hogan will actually be the official host of "WrestleMania XXX," but that isn't known yet either. All that is known is that fans can expect to see the red and yellow of Hulkamania this upcoming Monday.

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