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Hulk Hogan, Ron Swanson mustache straws at 7-Eleven? Trendy plastic facial hair

Hunk Hogan mustache is available as Slurpee straw at 7-Eleven for 99 cents.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Want to wear Hulk Hogan’s iconic mustache? Or look more like Ron Swanson in NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” for the summer? If the answer is yes, then immediately head down to the local 7-Eleven and get the mustache straws that are sweeping the nation in a fun, pop culture opportunity that could include a Slurpee. According to ABC News on Friday, 7-Eleven's new mustache straws are drawing serious attention to a new look along with a cold beverage.

Mustaches have been around for as long as man couldn't find a razor, but it appears that 7-Eleven has just topped the typical mustache rings, pillows and all the pop culture items that has captured the interest of the trendsetting public. For less than a buck, the convenience store is offering straws with the mustaches on top and people are interested in picking up their own plastic facial hair. There are mustaches looking like Hulk Hogan, Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” (played by Nick Offerman,) the British mustache and a handlebar mustache.

While the majority of the fans of the mustache trends are keen to the idea of the zany and fun straws, it appears the actual idea has drawn the ire of several of the self-proclaimed trendsetters. According to The Wire on Thursday, the product kills whatever remains of being a hipster. Don’t let the negative reviews of this cool product detour fans from buying a fun straw as the critics are still probably still using little umbrellas in their drinks. Perhaps they are jealous to see that there is now competition for being talked up at a party.

With four mustaches to choose from, the customers are going to go crazy to pick up the Slurpee mustache straws and maybe even the plastic jar container that goes with the straw. While it is anything from typical, it definitely is a cool look for the summer parties and outdoor summer barbecues. And not everyone can instantly look like Hulk Hogan so a mustache is the perfect accessory!

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