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Hugh Jackman gets bald to play Blackbeard, devastates fans

Hugh Jackman shaved his head to play Blackbeard in 'Pan'
Hugh Jackman/Instagram

Hugh Jackman's gorgeous hair has walked the plank. The actor had to shave his mane for a movie role, but fans are not happy that the bald superhero star now looks more like Professor X than Wolverine.

According to a June 11 report by the Irish Examiner, Hugh's fans were devastated when he unveiled his shiny new dome on Instagram. One upset follower wrote, "Uh excuse me plz tell me this is fake (sic)." Unfortunately for that baldist, Hugh's lack of hair is the real deal. He let his fans know why he had to let his hair go by writing, "Blackbeard is born. #PAN. (sic)."

Hugh Jackman is set to play the legendary pirate Blackbeard in "Pan," a movie about the origins of the boy who refused to grow up. This new twist on the fairy tale is set during World War 2. Peter Pan (Levi Miller) is an orphan who gets kidnapped by pirates. he gets whisked away to Neverland, where he'll face off against Blackbeard. Garrett Hedlund stars as a Hook who is nothing like the Disney movie baddie. Instead of being Blackbeard's evil equal, Hook starts out as Peter Pan's pal. Amanda Seyfried plays Mary (her character might be Wendy's mother), and Rooney Mara is the head-scratching choice for the Tiger Lily role.

We're used to seeing Blackbeard portrayed as your typical hairy pirate. Ian McShane rocked a matted mane to play the marauder in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," and Charles Mesure also rocked long locks as Blackbeard in the "Once Upon a Time" TV series. However, it looks like we're seeing a new pirate hair trend in Hollywood. John Malkovich is currently playing Blackbeard on the NBC TV series "Crossbones," and he's also sporting a bald head (he and Hugh Jackman should really consider getting together to swap swashbuckling stories, and Malkovich should convince him to try that crazy corsair headache cure that involves pushing needles into the skull).

The bald look makes sense for a pirate if you stop and think about it. They spent weeks at a time on ships without access to bathtubs, and there's no telling what kind of pests infested their vessels. Hugh Jackman and John Malkovich are probably just trying to avoid getting fleas, ticks, and lice. Are you a fan of the bald pirate look, or do miss Johnny Depp's mangy, mangled mane?

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